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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hola from Tejas

Howdy from Texas, where I've been having a rooting, tooting good time. Heh. No cowboy boots yet, but the week is young.

All is going swimmingly with the move...with the exception of the pets. The Texan's dog is a Australian shepherd who could rip my cat Shrapnel from limb to limb if he chose. He has not, as he's a very sweet puppy who just wants to play.

Shrapnel, on the other hand, has apparently decided that the best defense is a good offense and will charge the dog every time they're in the same room. So far, he has ripped the dog's nose open and, more offensive to me, BIT ME. Yes, he literally bit the hand that feeds him. It was my fault to a certain extent, as I picked him up when his back was still arched, but I was just trying to separate the two before the fur literally began to fly.

The silver lining on this is that The Texan, who's quite a good photographer, managed to take the most awesome shot ever of Shrapnel taking a swing at the dog, mid-hiss. As ZFF commented, it looked like Shrapnel was a puma, poised to strike.

Hopefully we'll achieve an uneasy detente, as I'm quickly running out of patience with the constant refereeing.


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