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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A tentative sigh of relief

Damn near the last thing I did before I got on the plane to leave DC was to go to my beloved hair stylist one last time. She was able to read my mind and take my pathetically lame directions ("piecier, but not choppy") and turn out a great haircut that required minimal upkeep. In fact, I followed her to three salons, which sounds a bit stalkeresque. But she liked me! It wasn't just because I was giving her money!

Anyways, I held off as long as I could, but this week I gave up and made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. Just a touch-up of the natural color. Yup, no grey hairs here. But if there were to be grey hairs here, then they would be at about 25 percent of my hair and focused at my crown, as the stylist at my new salon wrote down. (Bitch.) (Sigh, just kidding. It was getting a bit Lily Munster-like.)

So I've been grilling all new female acquaintances as to where they got their hair done. The same name kept coming up: a place that was an Aveda concepts salon. Off I went, with a little trepidation.

It turned out okay, although for a while there, it was getting rather poufy. I had visions of coming out with Pageant Hair. But it defluffed nicely, and my hair has color again. Hooray.

One strange thing: the place is a no-tip salon. I've never heard of such a thing. I asked my stylist what the philosophy was behind that. She hemmed and hawed, but I deduced finally that they try to make it so that each stylist/colorist/whatever can be plugged in or out as needed, so they didn't want to have customers worry about who to tip. Frankly, we figure it out everywhere else, but hey, if they want me to pocket the money, I have no problems with that. One thing I wanted to ask my stylist was didn't it suck not getting tips? I mean, I'm sure they pay well, but not at the same level as tips would provide. I didn't quite use those words, but my stylist volunteered, "It's a bit hard at first, but you get used to it." Then, clearly remembering her training, she straightened her back and continued, "But it works out great. I love it." Despite this clear evidence of brainwashing of their employees, I think I'll go back.


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