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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The big 2-1

A few weeks ago, The Texan made an astounding discovery: given that I already get my long-distance from the cable company and am paying through the nose for that luxury, for a mere $8 more a month, we can have a DVR.

Life, as we knew it, changed forever.

I've had some troubles lately as Fox keeps fucking around with the shows that I would have wanted taped (why, Fox, WHY did you cancel Arrested Development?). But I've been slowly building up a reserve of shows to enjoy.

I just worked through "Gilmore Girls," a show that had been denied to me while I lived in DC as my crappy TV didn't pick up the WB. I'd been forced to keep up with it via recaps at Television Without Pity - an entertaining source, but not quite the same as watching it yourself.

[Sidenote about GG: while visiting my parents last Christmas, I turned it on, thinking it a safe, mom-friendly show. My mom asked me what it was about. When I told her it's about a woman who's best friends with the daughter she had when she was sixteen, my mom paused and then carefully said, "Now, how do you feel about that? Do you think that was a good idea?" Never mind I was years past sixteen. Anyways, the next time I was home, I noticed my mom had it on. "It's such a snappy show," she informed me.]

The GG episode I had on earlier was the one where Rory turns 21. Of course, her grandparents threw her a ridiculously over the top birthday party. And of course it got me thinking about my 21st birthday. Not that I had an over-the-top party: just bar-hopping with friends in
Westwood. But I did fall down a flight of stairs (just the last two, and in my defense, it really was dark and crowded in the bar), so I guess it was something of a rager.


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