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Monday, January 23, 2006

Cattle country

Things I saw in Ft. Worth this weekend:

1) A guy pop a wheelie on his motorcycle while doing at least 60 mph on a curved freeway on-ramp.

2) Far, far too many shrugs. Ladies of Ft. Worth, let it go. That trend has come and gone.

3) A topiary cut to look like a longhorn.

4) The famous Andy Warhol painting of multiple Marilyn Monroes in the Ft. Worth museum of modern art. I'd seen replications of it, but never the real thing. It's cool to look at and see how each one differs. And who knew it was in Ft. Worth? That museum was small but world-class.

5) The Dallas Symphony perform Mozart in honor of his impending 250th birthday.

6) The rodeo. Two words to describe it: awe-some! When The Texan first told me about it, he said that we'd get there a few hours early to walk around and see the sights before the actual rodeo starteed. I was dubious about how much time we needed, as I figured what was there to see? Oh, was I wrong. I saw Elsie, the Borden brand cow, chickens the size of turkeys, cows cleaner than most socialites, and horsies. Lots and lots of horsies. The pigs, while clean, still had that pig stench. I tried to enjoy them, as I loved Charlotte's Web growing up, but no-go. Maybe if there was a spider communicating with the masses...

Plus there was a fair, complete with funnel cake. The Texan had never experienced the glory of the funnel cake before. He's a convert now.

The rodeo itself was a good compilation of various events, The Texan tells me. I enjoyed seeing it - those people (and there were women too) work HARD and are really talented. However, I did feel kinda sorry for the animals who were (literally) roped into competition. Often, it seemed like they were more interested in getting back to their stalls than bucking the cowboy (or whatever).

And finally:

7) A group of mulleted men talking about how they were going to get some fajitas, which they pronounced "fah-gee-tahs." I'm pretty sure they were kidding, because who in America, much less Texas, doesn't now how "fajitas" is pronounced, but their mullets may have affected their brains.


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