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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yay Texas

So the Longhorns won the Rose Bowl. Hooray. A couple of people had asked me who I would root for, with the joke being of course now that I'm in San Antonio I'd cheer for Texas. Well, I did root for the Longhorns, but only because they were USC's opponents. Kind of like how I voted for Kerry, but only because he was running against Bush.

See, I did my undergrad at that august institution, UCLA. The University of Spoiled Children (or University of Second Choice - take your pick) was our mortal enemy. It was pounded into us at freshman orientation and kept at a mouth-frothingly high level the entire time we were there. I can still tell you the USC joke I learned my second day at school, but I won't. I have the distinct ability to kill any joke I get near. (I could also do the UCLA infamous "8-clap" cheer I learned at the same brainwashing session, but I'd need a helluva lot of alcohol to get in the mood.) And nearly a decade later, my bile for the school has no bounds. So suck it, Trojans!


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