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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Gamers beware

From defensetech.org (http://www.defensetech.org/archives/001426.html): Apparently, the Israeli armed forces are looking askance at any applicants who played D&D in their youth. They see them as "detached from reality and susceptible to influence," and automatically give them low security clearances. Ha. I may have been a dork in high school, but at least I never did this. Although I must admit I enjoyed the cartoon, "Dungeons and Dragons," but largely because I had a crush on the Thor-like youth who led the gang. Hey, I was like eight.

Thinking about it, though, the IDF is really shooting itself in the foot with this policy. As it were. Gamers are the ones who are familiar with computer systems, and in today's high-tech military, aren't those the kinds of people you should be recruiting?


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