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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Running out of ideas here

I have this mind-numbingly boring task to do for work - type up 19 pages of notes from a conference I attended last week - and while it cannot be avoided, I think I have reached saturation on the job at hand. Which is unfortunate, as the work day still has quite a few hours left in it. I'm quickly running out of ways to occupy my time. I just paid my bills (you KNOW you don't feel like working when that looks like an attractive alternative), eaten all my cough drops, and cleaned out the "sent" folder of my email in-box.

Maybe I'll go look at the JPEG my dad sent me again. In case anyone still needs proof that it does, indeed, rain in southern California, I have photographic evidence of the havoc that it can wreak. The Sunday paper arrived soaking wet from a cloudburst, so my mom decided that it would be faster to dry it off in the microwave instead of the oven. Guess how long she set the microwave for? 9 minutes! Unbelievable. I mean, a frozen turkey wouldn't require that amount of time in the microwave. Surprise surprise, the whole thing caught on fire, rendering the microwave unusable (and covering a good chunk of the kitchen with ashes). Of course, this has made my dad exceedingly happy, as now he has a legitimate excuse to go run some errands. We have no idea what our dad does all day - the man is retired, so it's not like he has a very pressing schedule - but he's always off running some errand or another. And he's a slow driver, too, so I'm sure he's responsible for a good chunk of LA's gridlock. Nice to have a hobby, I guess.


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