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Friday, March 11, 2005

Alas poor Yorick, I hardly knew ye

Actually, it's my Economist screensaver who has passed on. As it were.

When my computer gave up the ghost this week, I got a shinier, speedier, zippity-zoo-dabbier hard drive. It makes hitting alt-tab that much more satisfying when someone comes in while I'm web-surfing, but it has required much in the way of tweaking my set-up. I've been able to resurrect most of my other programs, but my Economist screensaver is no longer available (and yes, I've got a letter into the company bitching about it).

I feel oddly bereft by this. On one hand, for god's sake, it's just a screensaver. On the other, it was a pretty cool one that had a spinning globe (and assorted time zones around the world) which would stop on some random country and spit out its stats. I've had that on every computer I've worked on since I started the whole 9-to-5 thing and it was a reassuring bit of constancy in an imperfect world.

One thing that guys and guys ONLY commented on: the male-to-female ratio for every country. Yes, I get it, you guys are outnumbered. Bully for you.

I'm trying to look at this in a glass-half-full sort of way. Instead of sulking about it like the immature brat that I am, I'm going to take this chance as a way to find an even cooler screensaver. So. Um. Any suggestions?


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