Her Ladyship

Notes from the gutter.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Things I have to do:

* Figure out why the automatic payment plan I set up with the IRS isn't working
* Find out where the new suitcase that Continental is supposed to be sending me ended up
* Get a cashier's check for our new place's first month's rent and security deposit
* Track down where exactly UPS delivered my replacement debit card
* Get my blackberry resynched with my work email
* Decide if the residual swelling from twisting my ankle three weeks ago is cause for finding a doctor
* Make appointment with my beloved gyno (seriously: LOVE HER)
* Buy: baby gift for a child that is approaching his first month's birthday, birthday gifts (late and upcoming)
* Make a stab at doing my job

Things I learned from reality TV shows:

* Always try things on (What Not to Wear)
* Memories don't go away if you get rid of crappy old souvenirs (Clean House)
* Never give up (The Amazing Race)
* I, actually, cannot dance (So You Think You Can Dance)