Her Ladyship

Notes from the gutter.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Does everyone know this but me?

Sometimes you find out something that everyone else is all, oh yeah, of course, and you have to wonder, how did I miss this common knowledge? 

For example, the peas that we gave La Principessa for her constipation. I was telling my sister about this and she said that she gives them to her fish when they get constipated (????), as it clears them out too.  FYI, did you know that when fish get constipated, they have trouble swimming and tend to float up?  I didn't, but again, maybe that's common knowledge and I'm just clueless.  And weird to think that what works for babies also works for fish, but as the Texan said, we do share a lot of our DNA with them. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Cilantro is a harsh mistress

I loooove cilantro, particularly fresh cilantro, but I have never cooked with it when it didn't shellac itself to every available surface in my kitchen. Even cleaning up, it manages to lodge itself everywhere.

We had a small BBQ yesterday for the 4th and went nuts with the cilantro. I made my salsa verde, which is not a true salsa verde in that I don't use tomatillos, but is verde because of all the cilantro.  And the Texan made chicken sate soaked in cilantro with a peanut cilantro dipping sauce on the side.  You can imagine the carnage in the kitchen. 

It looked pretty much like how we felt. Sadly, the days of being hungover after parties are over, since we've got to stay coherent in order to take care of the baby.  But La Principessa wore us out.  We started phasing in solid foods this week and let's just say her intestinal tract hit a crisis point with the brown rice cereal we'd been giving her* yesterday. Starting around 1:30 in the afternoon, I couldn't put her down or she'd just wail.  She'd also shake things up a bit by wailing on her own every 15-20 minutes too.  Finally, around 7pm, the worst of it was over and we were able to put her to bed, just in time for all the fireworks in Petworth to erupt.  But, in happier news, La Principessa seems to be over whatever was bothering her and is back to her normal cheerful self. 

* Of all the things I read in prepping for this transition to solid foods, nothing ever said that rice can be a constipant for babies. This is important information to know! We only found out by some desperate googling. Peas seem to be treating her much better. Knock wood.