Her Ladyship

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, that was unexpected

Did not mean to take over nine months off from this. Are people still even doing blogs these days? Can I still string together semi-coherent sentences? We shall see.

This has been a crazy year - international travel, work intrigue, family drama - but I am going to skip over all that to talk about my decrepit back. Yes, I am on the slippery slope to 40 but I am not there yet. But still. A few weeks ago, and I don't mean to blame Canada, but I *was* talking to one of its embassy reps when I turned my head ever so slightly and BAM! I couldn't breathe. I was able to get on my scooter and drive home, eventually, which was a relief because at first I had visions of just tipping it over at the side of the road and crawling into a cab to get home. It's been ebbing and flowing since - my back, that is, the scooter is doing just fine - but there is nothing that will make you feel older than when you are crabbing about the way the young kids are dressed when you realize that you are doing that while sitting down because your back spasm prevents free-flowing movement.

Also, I am super-excited about The Amazing Race starting up again tonight, but that is on CBS which is an old people's channel. Argh. Maybe I shouldn't be fighting this - getting older means that happy hour shifts to the early bird slot, right? It's not all bad.